The KP Challenge is open to join for the Grandma's Marathon, Young Athletes Foundation races. This is a 3 race challenge and you can save a little bit of money by doing the challenge.

Registration opened Saturday, January 1. When you join the KP Challenge you enroll in these three races. The Saint Fennessy 4K, Fitger’s 5K, and Park Point 5-Miler. Entry into the 3 race challenge is $115 for adults, and $50 for kids 12 and under. When you enroll you will receive a KP Challenge quarter zip.

You can also enter each race separately. The Saint Fennessy 4K is March 19 and the entry fee for that race is $30 for adults and $10 for kids 12 and under. When you enroll you get a Saint Fennessy 4K winter hat and knit gloves. The Fitgers 5K is April 23 and costs $35 for adults and $10 for kids 12 and under., and you get a Fitgers 5K long sleeve crew neck with Fitsoks. Finally, the Park Point 5-Miler on July 14, the cost is $30 for adults and $10 for kids 12 and under, and with that one, you get a Park Point 5-Miler T-Shirt.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
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If you complete the KP Challenge (anyone 12 and up) and race all three races the first 300 are guaranteed to be entered in the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon for 2023. The KP challenge was created to help runners get on a regular training schedule and keep their endurance up through the summer and beyond to be able to run a half marathon.

The KP Challenge was named after a longtime friend of Grandma's Marathon, Kevin Peterson. He was a founding member of the Northland Runnings group called the North Shore Striders, who also started the original Grandma's Marathon.

Chris Allen TSM Duluth
Chris Allen TSM Duluth

If you are interested in joining any individual race or the KP Challenge you can go to Net proceeds from the KP Challenge and each of the three races will benefit the Young Athletes Foundation which encourages kids to live healthy lives and to show them the sport of running to keep in shape.

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