Who is hungry? Grandma's Marathon weekend is just around the corner and one of the best parts is officially back: the all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner!

Michelina's All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner has been a pre-race event since 1977. It takes place the Friday before the big half and full marathons as a way for runners to load up on carbs.

Just thinking about it will make you hungry. Runners (and those that just love the event) can attend. Your meal comes with not only spaghetti but bread, ice cream, meatballs, salad and milk.

It is just as much a part of Grandma's Marathon weekend as the races! Whether you are taking part in the half marathon or the 5K, a volunteer or simply a spectator, this is a great way to get involved in the eventful weekend - and eat a delicious meal while you're at it.

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The Michelina's All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner takes place at the DECC, located at 350 Harbor Drive. It will take place this year on Friday, June 17th from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. That means you can have spaghetti for breakfast, lunch or dinner! You could even have it as a late night snack.

On top of the classic yummy food mentioned above, Duluth Coffee Company will also be served, along with other dessert options and chocolate milk. Gluten-free noodles will also be available.

You do need a ticket to feast your heart out. Tickets are $16 bucks for adults and just $8 bucks for kids between the ages of five and twelve. Kids four years old and younger get to eat for free. You can purchase tickets for the spaghetti feast at the door.

Parking will also be available for the event but it will be incredibly busy so make sure you plan ahead and carpool if possible. Parking is available in the DECC parking ramp. You can also choose to park in downtown Duluth or Canal Park and walk over, whether outdoors or via the skywalk.

You can read up on all things Michelina's All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner on the Grandma's Marathon website. Like I said, it is an exciting event to be a part of as it really kicks off Grandma's Marathon weekend!

By the way, Hundreds of plates of spaghetti will be served, tens of thousands of meatballs will be consumed and thousands of cups of ice cream will be devoured, all in one day.

As for the weather forecast the weekend of the race, the outlook a few days out is promising! It looks like no matter which race or event you are taking part in, weather will be mild. It won't be too hot or too cold. Most importantly, it won't be too windy!

The average conditions for Grandma's Marathon are not too far off! On average, race day is about 55.6 degrees with mostly clear conditions. Of course, this has varied throughout the years. That is to be expected in the Twin Ports!

This is an extra-exciting Grandma's Marathon weekend, as all the races are sold out for the first time since 2016. WDIO reports that more than 20,000 runners are expected to hit the pavement this year. I guess many people took up running in quarantine! Good luck to all the runners. It is going to be a fun weekend.

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