As someone who was bullied a lot as a kid, I don't have very much patience for it.  Hell, it's not just kids that do it, and I'm sure we all know or have known adult bullies.

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Bullying of kids from other kids comes in many forms and it's still a real problem even with many anti-bullying programs in places like schools and other areas kids might congregate.  While the bullies are sometimes doing it because they have something going on at home, there is still no excuse.

With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, and the 20th of it being National No Bullying Day, I thought I'd share some thoughts on the matter.

Very Well Family provides a lot of good ideas for parents to consider as far as bullying is concerned.  They focus a lot on prevention which includes being active in family discussions with what's going on at school and being as involved in you can with that part of a child's life.  Some tips also include telling your child to walk away if being bullied, let an adult know, and trying to talk to the bully.  The later in my past experiences doesn't do much, as some kids just like some adults are just jerks.

If bullying is happening to your child in some form, not waiting for it to get better and instead running it up the school ladder is probably your best bet.  That's assuming the bullying is happening at school of course.  Schools nowadays have pretty robust policies on bullying and don't put up with it very much.  Recently we had a bullying and potential threat situation happening to our kid at school.  This wasn't a wait it out and see what happens type of bullying and the school pretty promptly had conversations with the students involved and hopefully squashed the problem.

Another great idea to help curb bullying is encouraging kids witnessing it to not just stand by and do nothing.  Sometimes it's enough standing up to the bully even just by reporting it and that can make it stop.

Will we ever eliminate bullying?  No, probably not, but keeping the lines of communication with your kids on how to handle it from an early age can certainly help.  Youth.Gov is another great resource to check out for further thoughts on National Bullying Prevention Month.

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