The Humane Society of Douglas County is a non-profit entity that started in 1975.  Since then, they have worked hard to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals and help ease their suffering through education.  The majority of their support comes from donations, adoptions, memberships, and various fundraisers throughout the year.

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To continue their work, they more than ever need your help.  There are many abandoned and homeless animals throughout the area that can benefit from what the HSDC can offer.  Normally around Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are places around Douglas County selling fudge as a fundraiser for them.

Being it's a COVID-19 impacted year, they have to limit when and where things can be sold to help out.  While they will be having their annual Santa Paws event, it will only be open to the public by appointment.  Before that though, HSDC is holding a first for them virtual Howliday Fundraiser event.

They are selling various items like coffee, fudge, and for the first time this year, candles.  All of the proceeds go to further their cause of helping animals that are in need, and hopefully finding many of them a safe and loving home.  You can view the list of items for sale or even just make a straight up monetary donation if you would prefer HERE.  You can find out more about the Humane Society of Douglas County and what all they do and offer HERE.

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