I've said before that motorcycle seats are like pistol grips, one size or type doesn't fit everyone.  So sometimes it's a process of buying several to get one that's just right for you.  At the beginning of the Twin Ports riding season, I wrote up a piece on a modification I did to my stock seat, which you can check out HERE.  While the the modification works well for me as the rider, the passenger portion was not quite working out for my Queen.

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We have a motorcycle trip to Colorado planned for August, and I need to make sure that both of us our comfortable.  To aid with that I added the Harley King Tour Pack, and while that helped a lot, the shape of the incredibly narrow stock rear seat size just isn't that comfy.  Fortunately, the many Harley Davidson dealerships offer seats for you to demo.

Harley Hammock Seat- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Harley Hammock Seat- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Initially we tried the Harley Tallboy Seat for our 2020 Street Glide Special.  I'm not that tall, but the 1.5" increased space for the driver on that seat is quite nice, and the price point isn't that bad.  It also gave me as the rider a bit more of that "sitting in the bike" feel.  She was also quite comfortable on it, and we almost pulled the trigger on that one.  Before the deal was done though, we figured it would be best to try the Harley Hammock Seat.  I didn't want to try it, because I was worried about sitting higher on the bike, and it did make me do that, but not very much.

The reason it makes you sit higher is because of how much padding is in the seat.  It's two extra inches of padding and the "Hammock" part is two inches of suspension in the seat.  It helps with the bottoming out especially when you are rolling on Harley stock suspension which leaves a bit to be desired.  I liked it, and she liked it, though with the extra height I'm borderline too short for it.  It's manageable though and after only fifty or so miles on, I dig it.  I'll be hanging on to my stock modified seat though as when I'm rolling solo with the tour pack off, it looks much better and I still get the comfort.  At right around $600, it's not exactly cheap, but it at least so far feels like the price feels like it's worth it.  To put it simply, it's like sitting on a cloud.  I'll report back after our few thousand miles on it in August.

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