I'm a big fan of comedy and am actually trying to think if I know anyone who has ever told me they aren't.

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Sure, we all have a favorite style of comedy we might enjoy from the more family friendly "bring the kids" styles, to the very blue styles that some might find offensive.  I like both but lean towards the more "indecent" if you will.  Of course, what each of us consider indecent is subjective.  I've just never found much to be offensive, I mean, it's comedy, it's supposed to be funny, even if it ruffles some feathers.  If you don't like it, don't watch it.  Listening to comedy or watching it on YouTube is just fine, but live and in person is where it's at for me.

I don't think we're doing COVID anymore, at least the news hasn't told me we are in a while, so it's nice to be back to going to live shows.  I was excited to saddle up for a live comedy show last Wednesday night at Duluth's NorShor Theater.  I bought my tickets back in November for Kyle Kinane and Matt Braunger on their "Roommates Tour", which also featured comedian Sean Jordan.

I bought tickets for me and the wife and right after my parents scored some tickets too and then my mom sat in the end seat, I purposely purchased for myself.  We settled in with some cocktails after I gave my dad a tour of the NorShor.  Apparently, he's lived in the Twin Ports for ages and somehow has never been inside, even when it was a strip club. We were about ten rows from the stage on the main floor, so just about perfect seats, though there aren't really bad ones there.

Sean Jordan opened things up with a very short set that kept the audience engaged and laughing, successfully warming us up, followed then by Matt Braunger.  Matt's set was solid, talking a lot about traveling with a kiddo, and hitting that real life stuff.  He's an interesting comedian as his style is almost more motivational speaking in a way, telling those stories with lessons to be learned.

Immediately following Matt, Kyle Kinane took the stage in front of a crowd that looks like him, very eager to listen to whatever comes out of his mouth.  Kyle is one of those comedians, who just shows up and hangs out.  I feel like even if he wasn't paid to be there and he showed up, we'd get the same show, which is a good thing.  Kinane's comedy is witty with an almost punk rock feel to it, and he throws out a lot of thoughts on things people who can't sleep at night might Google.  Kind of like you're following him down a rabbit hole of thoughts without any clue of where it might lead.

While Kyle's set was a smidgen shorter than I had hoped it would be, he had the whole theater laughing, including my parents.  After the show I bumped into him outside and told him my folks enjoyed it and he responded with "that's a win if the parents of a guy that looks like me were laughing".  If you get a chance to catch any of the three comedians who rocked the stage at NorShor Theater on the "Roommates Tour", make sure you do, and bring your parents.

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