The band Ghost is back at it again with a new single titled "Dance Macabre" which will be on their upcoming album "Prequelle" due out on June, 1st.  This will be Ghost's fourth album and the first with the new lead singer Cardinal Copia.

Ghost has been previewing songs from the new album leading up to the release date and kicked off a tour on May, 4th in LA.  I had the opportunity to see them with Iron Maiden last year and I will say I am not the biggest fan of Ghost, I neither like nor dislike them.  As far as stage show, that was pretty impressive.  They definitely have great stage presence and certainly are a unique band.  Most people I know either think they are the greatest thing or hate them, not a lot of in between.

Something kind of cool about this new music video from them is it's basically a Instagram story music video and it features many a famous rockers and even Chris Jericho or WWE fame.  Kirk Hammett, Phil Anselmo, and Chino Moreno just to name a few, appear in it.

What do you think of the band Ghost?

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