Have you noticed more cops than ever before on our roads lately? It isn't just in your head.

Extreme speeding has been an issue on Minnesota roads throughout the pandemic and now, the Minnesota State Patrol is taking matters into their own hands, rolling out extra speed enforcement on our roads until Sunday, July 19th.

Information regarding the extra enforcement can be found on their website. According to the site, the new crackdown is an effort to "help put the brakes on speed-related deaths and educate motorists."

The crackdown began on Monday, June 22nd. The Minnesota State Patrol offered up more information and statistics regarding extreme speeding on Minnesota roads throughout COVID-19 to help paint the picture of just how dangerous things have been. For example, despite reduced traffic as many Minnesotans work remotely and businesses shut their doors, there was still an increase in fatal crashes between March and May of this year compared to last year.

In April, the Minnesota State Patrol revealed that they'd been seeing a big uptick in extreme speeding. At the time, they stated they'd been pulling over motorists going over 100 MPH. By the end of May, they revealed that Minnesotans were still speeding and they'd cited over 200 drivers for going over 100 MPH on streets from April 1st and May 21st.

Things have gotten so dire that one driver was actually cited for going nearly 100 MPH two times in one day - and in two different states. (Minnesota and Wisconsin, to be exact.)

Slow down so we can all enjoy our summer!

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