I can't lie - this movie looks right up my alley! Did you hear about the drama film that was shot in Minnesota late last year?

I hadn't heard anything about this until I came across the Facebook page for the movie itself. The movie is called The Ballad Of Travis Hunter and it even features an Academy Award nominee as one of the main characters.

It also happened to be filmed right here in Minnesota, including at different spots in the Twin Cities and just a few hours away in Rochester. The movie stars Eric Roberts, the big star and Oscar nominee, known for his roles in The Dark Knight and The Expendables.

It also features actors Michael Edwards, Autumn Dial, Lisa Davis and of course, H.T. Altman as the title character Travis Hunter. The film's IMDb page classifies the movie as a drama film with a family feel and musical element.

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You may be wondering why the film has a musical element. The title gives it away a bit, hence the word "ballad" but it goes even deeper than that. The film centers around a "struggling country music artist" who returns to his hometown after years on the road in an effort to make things right with people he left behind. This right here sounds juicy.

The film has a really cool backstory as well. The country artists on the film are an amalgamation of country music artists today so avid fans of the genre will recognize traits from stars that are on the airwaves today. Plus, the film's director also wrote the songs that will be featured in the film.

As mentioned, the film was shot across parts of the Twin Cities and also in Rochester, Minnesota. Local news outlets caught up with the director at one point while filming in Rochester and he told them he chose the city because it had a small town feel and it was also a bit random.

According to various photos on the film's social media pages, the film shot in late 2020 and throughout 2021, with the movie shoot in Rochester taking place over the summer. In November, they shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the filming of the movie, which seemed to take place that day.

As of now, the film's social media pages say the movie is still in production. By the way, the movie will not take place in Minnesota on screen. Instead, the movie is going to be set in West Virginia.

I have reached out to see when they are aiming for a release date but it is certainly going to be released in 2022. We will keep you updated when we learn more and I can truly say I can not wait to watch!

A movie filming in Minnesota may seem random but it really isn't all that uncommon! There was a Christmas movie that was filmed a few hours from Duluth that was released in 2020. It eventually aired on Lifetime and saw moderate success.

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