I pretty consistently end up out for Black Friday shopping every year, sometimes even on Thanksgiving night.  It used to be a tradition of sorts where my siblings and myself would pile into vehicles and go out for the "deals" to be had.  The thing is though, with growing up not celebrating Christmas, we never shopped for others, just for the things we wanted.

This year I flew solo on Black Friday Eve, on a mission to buy a gun safe, I stopped at Dunham's first which to my surprise actually had employees to be found, usually I go there and it's rare you can find anyone to help you, especially in their hunting cave towards the back.  Not only were there employees but also a lot of customers since Dunham's had some pretty screaming deals on firearms.  I actually wanted a couple but I had been saying that my next gun needed to be a gun safe.  I waited for almost a half hour until my turn in line was up and got the answers I needed.  I held off on my purchase wanting to check other places that opened the following morning.  Surprisingly or not surprisingly, guys were complaining at how long it was taking, on Thanksgiving night to buy a firearm. I ended up at Best Buy and scored some Blu-Rays to end my evening.

The next morning my stop was Menards at 6:45AM, 45 minutes after they opened and I have never seen it that busy, even on a Black Friday.  People were in usual form, rushing to save a few dollars and parking like morons.  I had a guy try to cut in line at checkout which I called him out on and he ignored me like I was going to go away, then he chose to go back to the line he was in.  Other than the bad drivers out and about and horrible parking even with the lines visible, it overall wasn't too bad.  Last year the same woman at two points in Menards rammed a cart into the back of my foot, but this year that didn't happen and I ended up after a few other stores getting the safe I wanted, so I'd call this year a win.  How was your Black Friday shopping experience?

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