Just like I'm sure you did, I received dozens of Black Friday shopping deals advertised through emails.

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Most were places I never even ordered anything from but signed up for their email list to view prices or because I was considering a purchase and wanted a "sign up discount" on my first order if they offered one.

This week though, I had an odd one.  One of those ads that makes you wonder if the universe is trying to tell you something.  It was from Titan Casket, yes, a casket company.  You know, what a lot of people go into when they die and are buried or what vampires may or may not sleep in.

Now, I get that companies need to advertise, but Titan might want to check their targeted marketing a little better.  I'm not too old, and my health is decent enough I suppose.  I understand that people buy burial plots in advance, but do people really just buy caskets as a 'just in case' measure or on a whim?

On the other end of it, I suppose if they send enough emails, someone might have recently lost someone.  With that in mind though, I also do not know anyone who ordered a casket online for a loved one that recently passed.  It's just all around odd if you ask me.

Like, what would you even do with it?  Let's say I have another good 40 years in me.  Sure, I suppose I could use the casket for storage or a conversation piece in the living room or sleeping spots for guests.  However, I'm also likely to move more than a couple of times before I die, and I'd have to move that damn casket every time.


What's the oddest advertisements you received leading up to this Black Friday shopping day?  Also, the wife and child are getting caskets for Christmas as I figured we need the storage space and there was free shipping.

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