Ok, so I crashed on purpose, and by crash I mean plow through a travel trailer that had been lit on fire.  It's the Mid-Summer Night of Mayhem after all, it can't just be all racing.

For a few years now the Proctor Speedway has been gracious enough to include me in their "Celebrity" bus races which has been great.  Each year I race other local community members as I represent Sasquatch 106.5 and B105.  I've been asking though to be able to jump a bus for a while now and for 2019, they agreed.

The idea was, they light the trailer/camper on fire, I go as fast as the bus will let me and jump through it.  All went as planned and to be honest, this was probably the highlight of my year.  I didn't get hurt and it looked great!  The crew at the Proctor Speedway took extra precautions to make sure I would survive and that if I did start on fire, I could be put out quickly.  I was in full fire fighter turnout gear, had a neck brace, and a solid racing helmet.

I actually had some issues getting the bus(she's a classic) from 4th gear back to 3rd where I needed to be a little before my final turn.  You can kind of see it in the video and hear the gears grinding some, I swear I can drive a manual.  It finally caught and I actually didn't feel much in the jump.  The five point harness did it's job and kept me very secure.

The video is of the whole process from start of bus to finish, but the good stuff starts at about 3 minutes if you want to skip ahead.  A big thanks to Proctor Speedway, their staff, friends, family, and listeners who came out to cheer me on and make this all possible.

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