Phil Collins' "Take a Look at Me Now" reissue campaign is scheduled to continue April 15 with the release of expanded and remastered editions of his No Jacket Required (1985) and Testify (2002) albums.

Collins' latest reissues follow similarly revised versions of his solo efforts Face Value (1981), Hello, I Must Be Going! (1982), Both Sides (1993) and Dance Into the Light (1996). As with previous installments in the campaign, each album arrives alongside a bonus disc of live performances and demos. The new editions will be available as two-CD and digital releases that include the bonus tracks, as well as 180-gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl versions offering the standalone remastered LP.

Saying he hopes the campaign will encourage potential fans to see "what the fuss is about," Collins recently told the Associated Press, "People that don't like me — and there are some, I know it's hard to believe — most of the time have based their opinion on what they hear on the radio. It's played to death. I'm a bit more than that. And the 'bit more' is on the albums."

Even though the rumors of a comeback that accompanied news of the "Take a Look at Me Now" campaign have yet to come to fruition, Collins will soon make a return to the concert stage, and in conversation with the Associated Press, he reiterated his hope that he can make a return to music — even if, as he noted, "The longer it goes, the bigger the jump."

"Living life — cutting bread, cutting a bit of cheese — was just impossible," he said of the medical woes that forced him to step away from the drum kit. "But it's got better. And I think I just have to learn to play in a different way. That's my intention."

Check out the complete track listings for the expanded No Jacket Required and Testify below.

Phil Collins, 'No Jacket Required' Deluxe Edition Track Listing
"Only You Know And I Know"
"Long Long Way To Go"
"I Don't Wanna Know"
"One More Night"
"Don't Lose My Number"
"Who Said I Would"
"Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore"
"Inside Out"
"Take Me Home"
Bonus Tracks (CD and digital only)
"Sussudio" - Live
"Don't Lose My Number" - Live
"Who Said I Would" - Live
"Long Long Way To Go" - Live
"Only You Know And I Know" - Live
"Easy Lover" - Live
"Inside Out" - Live
"Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore" - Live
"One More Night" - Live
"Take Me Home" - Live
"Only You Know And I Know" - Demo
"One More Night" - Demo
"Take Me Home" - Demo

Phil Collins, 'Testify' Deluxe Edition Track Listing
"Wake Up Call"
"Come With Me"
"Don't Get Me Started"
"Swing Low"
"It's Not Too Late"
"This Love This Heart"
"Driving Me Crazy"
"The Least You Can Do"
"Can't Stop Loving You"
"Thru My Eyes"
"You Touch My Heart"
Bonus Tracks (CD and digital only)
"High Flying Angel" - B-side
"Crystal Clear" - B-side
"Hey Now Sunshine" - B-side
"TV Story" - B-side
"True Colors" - Live Rehearsal
"Come With Me" -Live
"It's Not Too Late" - Live
"Can't Stop Loving You" - Live
"It's Only Loving" - Demo
"Tearing And Breaking" - Demo

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