It's 100 years in the future and apparently, everyone is moving to Duluth. At least, that's what one professor is predicting.

Earlier this week, those at The Weather Channel published an article, quoting a professor who predicts a mass move to Duluth in the future. He says that more and more people may be eyeing a major move to a different city because of climate change and they think Duluth could be the number one destination if it happens.

The professor is Jessie Keenan and he states that our sweet town is the "most climate proof city in America." He also adds that if people are forced to move in the future due to climate issues, this is where they will flee. (By the way, he also says we are "urban hipsters who brew their own beer, butcher their own meat and knit their own sweaters." Ha!)

Keenan cites other Northern cities, like Buffalo and Burlington, as attractive places for people looking to make a move BUT he says Duluth has other attractive qualities to it that puts it above anyone else, including the fact that we are Minnesota nice.

I won't get into all the scientific stuff. You can read the whole article for yourself here.

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