Memorial Day is always observed on the last Monday of the month of May.  That makes it a three day weekend for many Americans, and many spend that time with their families.

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People head to the cabins, get the docks and boats put out for the year, do some grilling, drinking, and nights by a fire.  It's generally a time spent with family and close friends and kind of is a kick-off to summer kind of weekend.  The actual Monday, Memorial Day, is supposed to be about more than just cooking out and having a good time.

It's a federal holiday in place to honor and mourn those who died performing their military duties in the United States Armed Forces.  Even if you haven't served, many of us have family that have, and many even know someone who lost their life protecting our values and freedoms.  So make sure you take some time on Memorial Day to remember the sacrifices that have been made.  You can of course donate your time putting out flags at cemeteries, which is a huge help and means a lot to organizers.  You can get more information on volunteering to do that HERE.

Since Memorial Day events were rather hindered in 2020 because of the pandemic, it would be nice to see a large display in 2021, for those who gave everything for our country.  You can still have your BBQ, beer, and cabin weekend, just remember why you are able to do that.

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