We have some sort of cupboard or spot that we keep various household cleaners and chemicals.  Where that is will vary depending on if you have smaller children or pets who like to get into trouble.  For some it's under the kitchen or bathroom sink, others might have items stashed away in the garage too.

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With summer temps here in the Twin Ports, you might be doing some late spring cleaning still, and will come across cleaners you have not used in a long time.  I'm guilty of holding on to a bottle of whatever, with just a little left in it, thinking I'll use it at some point. For me it's mostly car cleaning things like waxes and solvents.  If you have this stuff just collecting dust somewhere, with no future use in sight, it might be a good idea to pitch it.

By pitch it I mean to properly dispose of it because depending on the label, it's contents might be hazardous to the environment.  Labels might have words like caution, danger, corrosive, flammable, or poison.  Generally while in their proper containers, they shouldn't be an issue, but again, if they won't ever be used, why keep them?

We have a great resource in the Twin Ports area for disposing of all kinds of items from cleaners to paints, and even unlabeled chemicals you might come across.  The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District has their Household Hazardous Waste Facility right in Duluth.  They offer free disposal of unwanted chemicals and also have the reuse area too, where you might find something usable that others didn't need anymore.  You can get more information about their hours and a better idea of what they take for disposal HERE.  It might be a short drive for you but it can help clear up clutter and proper disposal is better for the lake we live right next to.

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