It's the time of year in the Twin Ports where the snow is basically gone and we're in that lull where things aren't quite green yet.  While it's nice to see things on the upswing towards summer, every year, lots of litter is revealed.

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Keep Duluth Clean is a city-wide initiative that works hard to reduce the impact of littering and illegal dumping in Duluth.  Their efforts help to protect the watershed, keep our infrastructure from clogging up, protect our ecosystem, and even has a positive impact on our tourism industry.  Keeping things clean is just better for everyone all around, and you can help out on April 10th, from 10:00AM-5:00PM.

The Keep Duluth Clean: Spring Clean-Up is designed so that you can be a part of it no matter where you live.  So think of areas like around your house, in alleys, or even in a park that is close to home.  Cleaning up even a little bit of trash can make a huge difference so how our city looks.  While 30 minutes of trash collecting is encouraged to participate, any time you can spare will help the cause.  If you are able to volunteer that day, and fill out a litter report-form, you will even be eligible to win prizes from local businesses.

Keep Clean Duluth has a sign-up form for participants, tips for staying safe while collecting trash, and all of the fine details about what they do and what the goal is for this great annual event HERE.

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