I've had a problem with wallets my entire life. It starts with a fresh, brand new, usually tri-fold leather wallet. Over an average time of about a year, the wallet has grown to an astronomical size. I'll shove a receipt in it and forget to take it out. Business cards get crammed in there. Random gift certificates, fishing licenses, health cards, and other plastic eventually stretches the wallet to a ridiculous and embarrassing size. Then, if you try to take some of the cards out, the leather has stretched to the point that it won't hold the cards you do want anymore. It's much like the George Costanza wallet in Seinfeld:



My most recent wallet was finally ready to go, and I thought I would try one of these new Ridge Wallets I see a BILLION ads for everyday on my Facebook feed. I was shocked at the price. It was $72 for the cheapest wallet. I opted in for the aluminum gun metal ridge wallet with a cash strap.

Within a few days of my purchase I got e-mails instructing me on how to switch to the more simplistic wallet. I would need to get rid of a lot of the stuff that I had been carrying around. They say you can hold a maximum of a dozen cards in the wallet. I narrowed it down to 9. I have my debit card, credit card, driver's license, Kwik Rewards card, 3 health insurance cards, fishing license, and proof of insurance.

It came in a nice box with a pouch of extra screws and even a screw driver. First impression was positive. I loaded my cards, put some bills on the cash strap, and then immediately worried I was going to lose this thing in the first day. It's about the third of a size of what I was carrying around.

I've had it for about 10 days now and I haven't misplaced it even once. (Knock on wood.) I still haven't come into a situation where I needed something I didn't have in it. So on that aspect I'm enjoying the wallet. It is much easier to carry around than the lunker I had before.

What I struggled with a lot at first is getting it open to get cards out. Once I got a little practice it's not hard. It just takes some getting used to. I've never been a "cash guy," but I did carry around some loose bills in the cash strap to see how that worked. I struggle getting bills folded twice and in the strap at a cash register. I have to step away to futz with it for a minute, and I'm not sure how I can speed up that process.

They say it has a lifetime warranty, and after spending over $70 on it, I'll be sure to take them up on it if something happens. Overall it's a solid wallet and a doable change. If I were to purchase another, I would choose the money clip instead of the cash strap. It seems that would be easier to store money quickly.



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