Spring, Summer, and Fall is full on garage sale season in the Twin Ports area.  At these you can find just about anything including some random instruments, band gear, and especially band merch, that might appeal to a music lover.

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Instead of stopping at dozens of sales in search of these items, why not have more of it at one destination?  I'm not talking about heading to the nearest music store and browsing their used gear or small selections of local band merch, I'm talking about the Rock N Roll Garage Sale.

Not only is it free to attend and shop for local artist's music goods, it's free to setup your own table and chairs and sell your band's merch including shirts, vinyl, CDs, tapes and anything else along those lines.  Maybe you make a few bucks and dump that into more studio time, and maybe you can pick up some sweet merch from your favorite local bands of the past or current groups.


The event is even better, as it's held at a brewery that is all about supporting local musicians.  It's on Friday, September 24th from 5:00PM-10:00PM at Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, WI.  The event is a good way to support local musicians who have worked hard to help keep the Twin Ports entertained over the years.  If you go, you just might run into some band members from groups that haven't rocked the stage in years, but will bring back all of the memories of seeing them in smoky bars.

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