Job interviewing can be stressful no matter who you are.  Having good interpersonal skills alone doesn't always make you good at interviews, and interviewers can be intimidating.  Just having to meet new people for the first time is stress enough and add to that really wanting to get the position you are applying for and it's a lot all at once.  Fortunately though, there are lots of tips and tricks to keep in mind when at an interview, thanks to the internet.

Due to COVID-19, classes to help offer interview prep have moved to an online format.  There is an Interview Skills Workshop on Wednesday, June 24th, and it's free!  It's supposed to help you have more confidence in your interviews and help you to answer some of the tough questions they may throw your way.  You'll walk away from the workshop with new techniques to help you prepare for your interviews and follow-up ones going forward in the hiring process.

The workshop is being hosted by the Duluth Workforce Development Center and it's a WebEx Webinar.  You are required to have internet access to participate, including the ability to stream audio and video.  You can get more information on this free workshop and get the link to register for it and other Minnesota Career Resource events here.  Once registered, an email will be sent with further instructions to login to the workshop.

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