The National Basketball Association trade deadline is upon us once again, and the trade winds are blowing. Many names are floating around, and one of the big names being thrown around is none other than Kevin Love. Love who is arguably a top-10 player in the NBA, and is the face of the T-Wolves franchise, but is potentially one his way out of Minnesota.

Whether it is today, or in this summer, or next year; it is presumed that Love has at least one foot out the door. So unless Flip Saunders can somehow persuade Love to stay here, and become the second coming of Kevin Garnett; the Timberwolves will have to rebuild once again.

(Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

Can we blame Love for leaving? Here are the reasons why Love should leave. First, he is a West Coast kid, and lets be honest California weather is a lot of better than Minnesota weather. Second, the ex-General Manager for the T-Wolves David Kahn did not give Love the max deal, and instead gave him a three-year deal with an option for a fourth, which meant Kahn felt Ricky Rubio is the real franchise player on the roster. Third, it would be much easier winning a championship elsewhere like Los Angeles or New York, because of the free agent attraction those big market cities have. Fourth, he would have an easier time making the playoffs in a big market,

Is there any chance he stays? Maybe, lets outline reasons for him to stay. First, Minnesota can give him the most money on his next contract (unless he is traded). Second, he could erase the memory of Garnett leaving, and make Minnesota a factor in the Western Conference. Third, he wouldn't have to face the same black-lash LeBron James faced in the summer of 2010 when he left Cleveland. Fourth, he will be able to play with Rubio during his prime.

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It seems like reasons to leave out weight reasons to stay, so for the T-Wolves they should trade him, and do it now. Why? because his value is so high, All-Star starter, top-10 player, and he has another year left on his contract, so he wouldn't be just a rental player. But the problem is how can the Wolves get equal value? This upcoming draft is stacked, but they would need at least a top five pick to even have a shot at one of the top players in college, but with the NBA lottery, it is not a lock that the Wolves will get that pick. Also they would be able to shed money of their salary cap, but what are the chance that James comes to Minnesota this summer? Zero-to-none.

So fans do not be alarmed if Love is gone, but maybe just maybe Love will come to his senses and see that Minnesota is a lovely place to live from June-September. Unfortunately Love has to play during the winter time, so maybe he could switch sports and play for the Minnesota Twins? My gut tells me he is gone, but like most Wolves fans, my heart says he will stay, but only time will tell.