National Police Week kicked off on Sunday, May 10th, and runs through Saturday, the 15th.  There are events all through the week that celebrate the contributions of law enforcement from around the country, recognizing their hard work, dedication, loyalty and commitment to keeping our communities safe.

I've had the opportunity over the years to get to know quite a few Twin Ports area officers who have spent their careers protecting and serving.  The ones who mean the most to me though are my brother Ben and his badass partner Diesel, who I call my hairy nephew.  Ben and Diesel are both Sheriff's Deputies and after riding along with them, I can personally tell you how hard that they work.  Ben has been in law enforcement for about 12 years, with Diesel at his side for 6 of them.

Ben and Diesel at Operation K-9 2019- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Ben and Diesel at Operation K-9 2019- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

From drug busts, to catching robbers, they work a lot of nights keeping the community safe when the majority of people are sleeping.  It can be a tough gig sometimes because most people are at their worst for whatever reasons, when the police get involved, so the stress is often high.  Add to that the fact that at almost every call, officers don't usually know exactly what they may be walking into.

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I'm thankful for Ben and Diesel and all of the people in law enforcement.  Every shift they put their lives on the line to keep others safe, and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if duty calls.  I couldn't be more proud of Ben and Diesel and the work they do.  If you see an officer this week, make sure you thank them for their service.



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