I've traveled a decent amount for work over the years and generally try to have BBQ wherever I go.  I enjoy getting away from the chain places and with sheltering in place, local businesses can use our support now more than ever.  I was finally able to try Tig's Smok'n Pig BBQ, today.  I've seen the mobile trailer around at events and for whatever reason hadn't tried it yet.

Tigs BBQ Logo- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Tig's is a pop-up BBQ place, think food truck but it's a big trailer with the smoker built in.  They are owned by a couple in Duluth and offer various items from smoked beans, pork, brisket, chicken, and even homemade sauces.  Their smoked beans are hands down the best I have ever had, the flavor is incredible.  I also was able to try the brisket and pulled pork, both were great.  The brisket had just the right amount of crisp char on some of the edges adding to the flavor explosion from each bite.

Tig's BBQ and Sauces- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

As far as the sauces, they offer 3 kinds.  Original, Zesty Honey Jack, and Habanero.  The Original is delicious and adding a bit to the brisket put it into first place for the best brisket I have had.  The Zesty Honey Jack is sweet but circles around with a little zest kick in the end.  The Habanero is what a sauce like that should be, it's hot but the flavor is intense.  A lot of people make really hot sauces but the flavor is buried by the heat, not this sauce.

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With the majority of events being cancelled or postponed, they are starting to do one-off pop-up events for this year.  For these you can pre-order food, and also walk up and order from the window.  Their next event is on Saturday, April 18th, from 3:00PM-6:00PM in Hermantown.  They will be parked at Western Bank, between Kwik Trip and Sam’s Club.  To get more information on pre-ordering check them out on Facebook Here.

This is a good way to support a local business and save yourself a night of cooking at home.  Of course, social distancing guidelines will be followed at the event.