St Louis County will be holding an open house on Finding Foster Families Day in Minnesota.  There is always a need for good homes to foster children and Minnesota is no exception.

This is an opportunity for anyone interested or curious about fostering children in their home.  A presentation at the event is not planned, however there will be Foster Care Licensors in attendance.  You'll be able to ask them questions and learn more about the process and what is required to be a foster parent and in particular what St. Louis County requires.

The event is on Tuesday, October 8th, from 12:00PM-2:00PM at The Duluth Government Services Center located at 320 West Second Street.  Assisting with the event is The Adoption is Love Fund agency and if you are interested in learning more about child foster care but can't attend the event, you can get more information on the St. Louis County Foster Care page located here.

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