It was a beautiful day in my life when it was announced that Criminal Minds would be returning for yet another season, just two years after it aired what was supposed to be the final episode of the long-running season.

The show is back on Paramount Plus for a special season sixteen. It premiered on Thanksgiving day, which was perfect. We could all watch the first few episodes while sitting on the couch stuffed from turkey.

In all seriousness, it was exciting when it was announced it would be coming back. It is only airing on streaming services and follows a network of serial killers that grew during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have seen every episode of this show so I can't wait to dive into the whole season.

Before the new season aired, I did some research about which episodes have been set in Minnesota over the course of the fifteen seasons. There weren't many, which is surprising considering every episode takes place in a different part of the country.

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In honor of the new season, I decided to look into that very thing but for Wisconsin. Believe it or not, there is a website that actually tracks such a thing and according to the site, there have been three episodes set in Wisconsin.

The first episode set in Wisconsin aired way back in 2007. It was part of season season three and the second episode that season. The episode is titled In Name And Blood and is pretty spooky if I remember correctly.

In this episode, a serial killer is targeting woman in Milwaukee using a unique ruse. If you follow the show, you will also remember the episode as one where Agent Gideon is missing and Agent Hotchner asks for a transfer out of the BAU.

The second episode set in Wisconsin also takes place in Milwaukee. It is called Rabid and can be found season nine and episode eighteen. In this gruesome episode, the BAU is trying to track down a killer who leaves bite marks and animal marks on bodies in a shallow grave.

The third and final episode set in Wisconsin (for now) is called Breath Play. The episode takes place in season ten, is episode number seventeen and takes place in Madison. This particular unsub is pretty gruesome so you will just have to watch yourself if you want to know what it is about.

Only time will tell if this elite group of profilers goes wheels up to Wisconsin on any future episodes. I wouldn't mind it!

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