While I'm disappointed at shorter season runs of Star Trek, I'm glad we are getting new content.

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I wrote up my thoughts on the first episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and am here to report back after viewing the last episode of the first season.

As far as dislikes, I mentioned my primary one above.  I don't feel like ten episodes is enough for a first season to get into much multiple character development.  Do we need forty episodes?  Probably not, but I feel that solid twenty would be a good number.  Ten episodes just goes too fast and that's a drag if it's months before Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard release further episodes and seasons.

How about likes?  Let's start with the campy humor.  There wasn't a ton of it, but enough in a couple of episodes to give me feelings of watching The Original Series of TOS.  I also appreciated the character development of Captain Pike portrayed by Anson Mount.  Without ruining anything for those who don't know, the whole first season he's on and off figuring out how to deal with his fate in the future.  We also get a better look into this version of Spock played by Ethan Peck.  It's shown more backstory of the character we didn't know much about based on TOS content we've seen for years.

Star Trek: Strange New World's first season is a good starting point for a show with the potential to really grow and shine in the Trek world.  It has individuals with solid acting chops portraying key characters and the writing is decent enough.  It's also nice to see them exploring some species that haven't been focused on for many years in Star Trek.

If you've been watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, what do you think of the first season?

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