The Annual Christmas City of The North Parade will be following the same route as last year with the parade starting at 6:30 pm. The parade will move along Superior Street ll beginning at N.10th Avenue East before ending at 5th Avenue West. For many this is a family tradition to come watch and exciting time for everyone involved in the parade form local businesses, high school bands to dance studios.

According to Past Press Releases from The Duluth Police Department London Road will be closed from 10th to 14th Avenue East starting at 4pm. Superior Street from 12th Avenue East to Fifth Avenue West will close to vehicle traffic at 5:45 p.m. Michigan Street will be closed at 6:15 p.m. to traffic, except for buses and local residents. Access to Michigan Street parking ramps will be allowed but could be limited, after 6:15 p.m.

There is NO-PARKING all along the route starting at 10 am Friday November 22 starting at Fitgers and through the route. This is not a day that you want to push your luck and park, I guarantee you the tow truck is not far behind after you get your ticket.

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The Greater Downtown Council posted free parade parking is being offered again after 5:00PM at the following ramps/lots:  Fourth Avenue Auto Park - 402 W. Michigan Street / Duluth Transportation Center - 228 W. Michigan Street / Civic Center Ramp - 410 W. First Street / Tech Village Ramp - 10 E. First Street / HART Ramp - 122 E. First Street/ Medical District Ramp - 302 E. First Street / Fitger’s - 600 E. Superior Street /  Phoenix Parking Lot - 98 N. 4th Ave West/  St. Luke's Hospital Ramp - 1010 E. First Street / St. Luke’s Employee Parking Lot - 119 N. 12th Ave East.

A special thanks to Duluth Parking, Oneida Realty, Stender Properties, Interstate Parking, Duluth Transit Authority, St. Luke’s and Fitger’s for providing complimentary parking at the above facilities. In addition to the ramps, parking meters will be free of charge after 5:30PM.

Obviously if you are out driving near the parade route use extra caution as many people will be walking around the area and may not be paying close attention to vehicles. Also if you would rather watch the parade form the comfort of your home you can click Here.



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