The Cars have unveiled a demo version of their classic track “Drive,” which will appear on the expanded edition of their 1984 album Heartbeat City.

The set arrives on March 30, just a couple weeks before the band is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. You can listen to the demo track above.

The Cars' fifth LP, Heartbeat City, was produced by Mutt Lange and reached No. 3, while the "Drive" single became their highest-charting hit, also reaching No. 3. The demo version of the song is one of seven previously unreleased tracks to appear on the updated album, which will be available in multiple formats. A similarly expanded edition of 1981’s Shake It Up will be released on the same date.

You can check out the full track listing for the Heartbeat City reissue below.

Asked if the Rock Hall induction would lead to the band performing during the ceremony, singer Ric Ocasek said, “We probably will. I don't know in which way we will. I've been thinking about that a bit since it came up. There's all kinds of different scenarios we could do. I don't know how, but I assume it would be expected and I'd be prepared for that."

“I don't know why we wouldn’t," drummer David Robinson added. "I gotta drag my drums out and practice a bit."

The Cars, 'Heartbeat City' Expanded Edition Track Listing
"Hello Again"
"Looking for Love"
"Stranger Eyes"
"You Might Think"
"It’s Not the Night"
"Why Can’t I Have You"
"I Refuse"
"Heartbeat City"
"Hello Again" (Remix Version)
"Drive" (Demo)
"One More Time" (Early Version of “Why Can’t I Have You”)
"Baby I Refuse" (Early Version of “I Refuse”)
"Jacki" (Early Version of “Heartbeat City”)
"Breakaway" (B-Side of “Why Can’t I Have You”)
"Tonight She Comes" (Remastered)

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