Tremonti will be releasing a new album next month titled "A Dying Machine" and have been extensively out promoting the new work.  On one of these stops recently in New Jersey, Mark Tremonti and guitarist Eric Friedman, jammed out a cover of The Cars "Just what I Needed".

"A Dying Machine" is going to be he first concept album from Tremonti while Mark is on a break from his duties with Alter Bridge.  Mark of course was one of the founding members of Creed, and after they disbanded he was a founding member of Alter Bridge.  I haven't had a chance to see him with Tremonti yet, but have seen him several other times with the other bands and he is always a spot on guitarist.

Tremonti is kicking off a European tour shortly and that will most likely lead to touring in the states after.  In the mean time you can pre-order the new album here and check out their in studio cover below.

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