With many places in the country on lock down, including movie theaters, going to the movies isn't really an option.  A lot of currently in theater films have moved to on-demand platforms however.

In February of 2020, a modern version of The Invisible Man was released.  I chose to rent it through Google Play on my Smart TV at $20.00 plus some tax.  While that seems high to rent a movie, it is technically supposed to be in theaters.

The film stars Elisabeth Moss who plays Cecilia, a character who escapes an abusive relationship.  Shortly after, she finds out the abuser has taken his own life.  Odd things start happening to Cecilia and she suspects her ex is not dead.  The film really takes things to a psychological level.  It's basically a sci-fi, horror, thriller, and it definitely has some make you jump moments.

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The pace of the film is decent, the sound is tuned quiet until they want you to jump, even if there is nothing to jump at.  I enjoyed it, but I don't know that it was quite worth the $20 to not see it in the theater.  Maybe wait until it's out to rent for around $5, then it's a for sure win.  Also, don't plan on watching it quietly, this film is designed to be loud at times and you won't quite get the intended effect if the volume is low because your significant other or kids are sleeping.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?

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