It's been a while since I've been to the barber for a good head and face shave and beard trim.  Part of that was due to the COVID-19 shutting things down and also because I was doing it at home for a while before the pandemic.  I used to go quite often because it's like a spa type experience from who I was seeing.

Hair Salon- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Jessann was formerly the manager of a popular hair salon and moved on to open her own place in West Duluth.  It's called Untangled, and she is open again in time for you to get all trimmed up for summer fun.  I called on Tuesday to make my appointment for today(Friday) and had been out on the bike so it was nice to get out of the sun for a little bit and enjoy the AC.  She's following all of the health guidelines that were laid out by The State of Minnesota and hand sanitizer was right inside the door.  If you forget a mask, she did have some there to use but remember your personal one if it makes you more comfortable.

Untangled Hours- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

At the time of writing this, cuts were just $20.  It's a hell of a deal for the great job she does, and sassy conversation is included. Untangled is located at 6317 Grand Avenue and you can call 218-522-4504 to schedule an appointment.  It's a great time to support local business especially since the hair salons in particular have been shut down until recently.

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