Just shy of a month ago, I shared My first COVID-19 vaccine experience.  A process which took a lot longer than I expected to, and something I wanted to make those aware of who maybe haven't gone yet.  Just this morning, I received my second shot of the Moderna Vaccine and the process was much better.

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I took the earliest time slot on the first available morning on purpose, as like many people, I have things to do.  I didn't want a repeat of last time and figured 8:10AM would be best.  I arrived at Walmart about twenty minutes early and was the second person in line, not knowing that they didn't open until 8:00.

By probably 8:20, I had the shot and was now in the fifteen minute required wait time.  In that time, there were eight or so other people already registered and waiting to get the poke.  Everything seemed to be operating more smoothly this time around at the big box store, which seems odd because there was even less staff on hand than last time, which was understaffed.  Maybe they have things more figured out and maybe it helps that the actual vaccination room was right next to the pharmacy this time instead of across the store in customer service where it had been.

My 2 cents are if you decide to get a shot, try your best to book one for earlier in the day, especially if it's at a Walmart.  I'm over four hours in and other than feeling a little warm, haven't felt any major side effects yet, I'm hoping it stays that way.

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