It's the time of year in the Twin Ports when a majority of the snow is gone, but we still get blasted with bouts of it here and there.  We also get the wonderful mixes of rain and snow, or just plain cold rain.

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With the ground frost thawing it's way out, most yards are pretty wet and sometimes muddy, especially if you have dogs.  Dog owners know that this time of the year is tough with mud getting tracked into the house.

Sure, you can wipe of their paws when they come inside, but if your dog is all about high energy or you have multiple fury family members, this can be a challenge.  You can just live with the fact that your floors and maybe even furniture are going to get a bit dirty, or you can try a couple of other options.

MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

A towel will work decent enough, but adding some water can help the cause.  The MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer is basically a cup with soft silicon bristles.  It's available in different sizes obviously for different size paws, and you just put each foot in it with a bit of water and twist the cup around.

Use the hose to wash dog paws

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It's warm enough by now that you can have the hose out again.  Yeah, it's going to be a bit chilly on the paws, but a short rinse of each foot and a towel to dry it, will help keep the mud levels being tracked in to a minimum.

Invest in dog friendly floor mats or runners

dog welcome home on brown mat

Ruggable makes some great floor mats designed for dogs.  You will still have to put some effort in cleaning their paws, but a washable floor mat or runner is a game changer when it comes to keeping a cleaner house in the muddy season.

Put down straw in the yard

Packed straw

Straw bales aren't that expensive and even one will cover a decent amount of yard.  This is one of our go-to ways to keep the mud coming into the house at bay.  It doesn't guarantee a mud free home, but a layer of straw over muddy areas will make a difference.  It's also pretty easy to find at most feed and some pet stores.  We get ours from Dan's Feed Bin in Superior, WI.

What methods do you use to keep spring mud out of your home?

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