The Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium at Duluth's UMD campus is a great educational facility.  Of course due to Covid ruining everything, they have been closed for any in-person events for quite some time.  They are however still running educational programming via online events.

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Every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00PM, they present something that the whole family can enjoy while learning more about space.  They do this on their Facebook page and also on their YouTube page.  Their goal is to bring the universe to you.

On Saturday, December 19th, the live online event will be about the moons of the solar system.  Our solar system has over 150 moons and many of those will be explored as they have some interesting features and facts.  It's a good chance to sit down as a family and learn while having fun.

They also have the opportunity for anyone looking for virtual private shows and you can get more information about that HERE.  Or if your are a teacher or have a class that you want to take on a virtual field trip to add something interesting to the day, you can book one of those HERE.  In addition, if you wan to help out the planetarium to support future programming events, they have a sweet "Stellar Distancing" t-shirt available for purchase on their website HERE.

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