Several versions of the COVID-19 vaccine have been rolling out in the past couple of months.  While in Minnesota it's been opened up to groups younger than the 65+ category, there are still plenty in that range that haven't received it.

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There could be many reasons why people from that age group have yet to get even one dose.  Some may have had issues with transportation and just being able to get to a vaccination site.  Others have major concerns about getting the vaccine, and that is completely understandable.  I myself was about a third hesitant to get it, as there are a lot of unknows.

Because of the media and how political the whole issue of vaccination has been, it can make on question the effectiveness.  Many of us have also heard about some potential and nasty side effects too.  Also just because the vaccines are so new, and it all was put together so fast, it can cause concerns.  There is a free webinar coming up that will address the different aspects of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.  While it's more geared towards those who volunteer or work with people in that 65+ age group, it will provide a lot of knowledge for anyone considering the vaccine.

The webinar will also provide tips for getting signed up for the vaccine as well, as that has been a major hurdle for many that are looking to get it.  The free webinar is on Tuesday, March 30th from 3:00-4:00PM.  It's free to attend and you can get the link for the Zoom event HERE.

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