This weekend I was driving my truck and taking a corner on Duluth's Glenwood Street.  I couldn't tell you the name, but another street comes out onto Glenwood on that corner and a bicyclist was riding down that road.

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I received a nice death glare from the bicyclist when in the corner I had the right of way on, and I didn't yield to him attempting to blow through into my path of travel.  I would never intentionally hit a bicyclist, but I expect they follow the rules of the road too.

Apart from feeling bicyclists that drive on city roads should be required to have a license and training to do so, I am generally pretty easy going with bicyclists as far as sharing the road.  Since it's kind of summerish in the Twin Ports, and more bicyclists are on the road, I thought I'd share some of the current Minnesota bicycle laws on the books as a refresher for those in need.

The State of Minnesota has an actual Operation of Bicycle Statute that is of course worded all law like but actually isn't that long winded.  Here are some of the highlights of it:

Traffic Laws Apply

Just like any other vehicle on the road, bicycle riders have the same rights, but also need to follow the same rules.  This means if there is a stop sign, on a bike, you have to stop, the same goes for obeying traffic signals.

General Riding Rules

Some of these include sticking to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway as closely as possible unless passing someone, preparing for a lefthand turn, or avoiding a road hazard, to name the more likely situations.

Turns and Lane Changes

Bicyclists are required to use arm signals letting others know of their intent to change lanes or turn.  Just darting through traffic or across lanes without some kind of signaling is not legal, it's also dangerous.

There are a few more items listed in the official statute, but those are the highlights.  Others included pertain to bicycles with electric engines and also mention that police officers don't have to follow any of the statute while performing their duties.

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