We are living in a time when there is a lot of focus on vehicle emissions.  It's a pretty hot topic, and one of controversy as many people think it's unnecessary and many feel that more restrictions are needed.  Electric vehicles are becoming more available and being utilized, but there is still plenty of pushback from many.  While there are some federal mandates on vehicle emissions, each state also has their own rules, or lack of them in  some cases.

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Whatever side of the fence you are on, changes are going to continue to happen with petroleum powered vehicles.  It's important to remember that a lot of the changes will only apply to new vehicle sales.  No one at this time is coming to take your classic car or even your 2015 Ford because it isn't green enough.

Because of the confusion on clean car standards, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, or MPCA, is doing what they can to keep the public informed.  Upcoming amendments adopting Low-Emission Vehicle and Zero-Emission Vehicle air pollution standards haven't been put into effect yet.  There will be a public hearing on these on February 22nd, and 23rd, at 3:00PM each day.

Again, the new rules if adopted will not affect existing vehicles for sale, and they aren't making you buy a new one.  The proposed rules only applies to new light and medium-duty vehicles to be sold in Minnesota.  You can learn more about the proposed clean car standards and find out more about how to submit your feedback on the matter HERE.

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