I've been asked for a few years by the Proctor Speedway to race a school bus in what they call their "celebrity" bus races.  While I don't consider myself at celebrity status I sure was honored to be considered and after a few years of it not working out, last year it finally did and I had a blast!

I did drive school bus several years back for a time, but that really doesn't give you any kind of advantage while racing one.  You basically get in and put your foot to the floor while going around the track.  Today's race will be a bit more interesting with the rain that we had yesterday so I'm hoping for a good show for the crowd.  I will say a struggle for me last year was a couple of the other "racers" weren't really as aggressive as me so I don't think it was as entertaining as it could have been.  I mean, let's be honest, people don't care about busses going around the track at 25 miles per hour, they want to see one tip.  I'm going to be sure to relay that to the other "celebrity" drivers this year.

Come cheer me on in the Sasquatch 106.5 bus today the Proctor Speedway.  Gates open at 1, the kids Power Wheels event is at 3 and the main event, the Mid-Summer Night of Mayhem, starts at 4PM.

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