There are very few musicians who are more hardened, genuine fans of heavy metal and rock than Zakk Wylde. His reverence for the genre's best runs deep and the icon has recently opened up about what it would be like to play alongside Ozzy Osbourne again as well as weighing in on Axl Rose being tapped to front AC/DC.

Wylde was let go from the Ozzy Osbourne lineup in 2009 and subsequently replaced by Gus G. In a recent interview with Metal Wani (video below), the guitarist was asked about the possibility of fans seeing him back onstage with Osbourne. He explains he still gets the chance to jam as part of the Ozzy Osbourne and Friends lineup. Showing no tensions exist between him and Gus. G, he went on, "Gus is a good buddy of mine and Gus is phenomenal. He's an amazing player and everything like that. Gus is the guitar player with Oz now. If Gus wasn't doing it and Ozzy called me up I'm just a phone call away."

Demonstrating this is the case for anything the Osbournes need, Wylde continued, "My relationship with Oz and Mom [Sharon Osbourne] is just if they called me up to bring over milk and eggs I'd do it because I love them. I'm always here for him whatever he needs me to do. Like I said I'm just a phone call away but Gus is my buddy and he's killing it with the boss [Osbourne] right now and he's Ozzy's guy without a doubt."

The conversation then shifted toward the current state of AC/DC. With Brian Johnson sidelined and at risk of total hearing loss if he performs with the band, Axl Rose has been selected to front the group as they reschedule postponed tour dates. Wylde gave a resounding thumbs up at the move, stating, "We all want Brian to get better, as far as his hearing. That's terrible. I've met Brian, and he's the sweetest guy on the planet. I mean, obviously, everybody's rooting for Brian to get better. But in the meantime, while Brian's recovering, I couldn't think of a better choice and Axl's such a huge fan. Bon Scott is, like, his guy."

Wylde then reflected on the times he and Rose would talk about their favorite musicians and singers, adding, "Whenever we talk about all the bands and musicians, Bon Scott was his… As far as singers go, he was, like, 'That was my guy.' So, for Axl, I'm sure he's beyond honored that he could actually… you know, he's gonna sing with the guys." Excited, he concluded, "I think it's gonna be awesome, because, I mean, Axl loves that stuff. So in the meantime, until Brian gets better, I couldn't think of a better way to do it."

Book of Shadows II is the latest from Wylde. The solo acoustic record serves as the follow-up to 1995's first installment and showcases the musician's softer side and his signature crooning voice. Read our review of the album here.

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