At the Zinema, they have been playing  a lot of classic and fan favorite films as of late.  The Fifth Element was recently shown and despite having tickets I had to miss it.  I did get to see Beetlejuice a couple of months back which was great.

On Tuesday, March 19th, they will be showing the comedy classic, UHF.  This is in honor of it's 30th anniversary.  The Zinema doesn't just show these films though, they go to the next level and often include prizes you can win, Tuesday night will be no exception.  Besides prizes, there will be posters and even Twinkie wiener sandwiches.  It's only $10 per ticket and at last checking some were still available.  You can get yours by clicking here.  You can also call Zeitgeist to buy them over the phone at 218-336-1416.  The Zinema 2/Zeitgeist is located in Downtown Duluth at 222 East Superior Street and this particular showing starts at 7PM and runs until 9PM.

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