Zoltan Chaney is one of those drummers who kind of steals the show from the rest of the band, and that's not a bad thing.  I first saw him live with Vince Neil and since Vince is back again at Black Bear this Friday, I'm pretty stoked.  He also drums for Slaughter so I assume he is playing double duty that night.

If you haven't heard of him I wanted to share a video to give you an idea of what Zoltan puts into a live show.  Maybe not the most technical of drummers but he sure is a riot and rocks the kit well!  It's not just drumming with him, it's like his own show.

Vince Neil, Slaughter, and Great White are rocking Black Bear Casino on Friday, March 29th, and while it's sold out if you don't have a ticket keeps your eyes open online for them for sale, you won't regret seeing these bands live and Zoltan behind the kit makes it even better.

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