If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time watching spooky shows. You know the shows I am talking about. I love shows where people take cameras and go explore haunted places.

When it comes to these types of shows, Ghost Adventures is definitely the best one. They also seem the most legitimate and are entertaining to watch.

The Ghost Adventures cast and crew has actually been to the Duluth area before, spotlighting the Nopeming Sanatorium for a full-length episode. This spot is notoriously haunted and it is no surprise they went there for an investigation.

However, while they have done other episodes in Minnesota and Wisconsin, they haven't exactly been back to the Twin Ports. We obviously would love for them to do so for selfish reasons but also because we have such a rich history here.

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In a lot of cases, our historical venues are known to be haunted. With history, comes a lot of stories and reported ghost sightings. There are so many of these cases in the Twin Ports that they could make a whole Ghost Adventures season out of them!

However, for now, I will start simple. I came up with a list of 18 places in the Twin Ports the Ghost Adventures crew should investigate. If they did, they would be sure to clear up any rumors of a spot being haunted or confirm so.

Check out the list below and see you soon, Ghost Adventures crew!

18 Places In The Twin Ports The Ghost Adventures Crew Should Investigate

The Twin Ports has a bunch of places that are rumored to be haunted. Here are 18 of those places that the Ghost Adventures crew should come investigate!

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