Most of us have seen the posts on social media pages with the reminders to pick up after your dog.  Yet, no matter how much people are told and reminded, there always seems to be poo in boulevards and in city parks.

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Cleaning up after your dog is in line with putting back your shopping cart in my opinion.  If you don't return the cart, and you don't pick up the poo, you're not a good person.  It's common courtesy to others and while I believe that the majority of people do what's right and considerate, many still don't.

I know this because as much as I look out for it, I discovered some this week that ended up under my boots and then on the gas pedal of my truck.  It's not that difficult to take a bag or two, so you can double bag it like I do, while you walk your pups.  Also, many of the parks I've been to in the Superior area have the doggy poo mitt type bags to help out the cause.  They even have garbage cans placed throughout which are really easy to use.

I don't think I'm even being a "Kyle" about it, I mean, not cleaning up after your dog is rude, inconsiderate, and just plan lazy.  It's especially frustrating when we do have some pretty nice parks available for use.  Let's all work to keep them nice for everyone to enjoy this summer.

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