Valentine's Day is one of those holidays (if you can call it a holiday) that can really suck.

Maybe it's because you're single, or maybe it's because you're in one of those relationships that is teetering on the edge of a breakup at all times.  There are plenty of songs that go along the lines of a legitimately happy Valentine's Day, you know, love songs.   Thankfully plenty of musicians also have had bad luck in relationships and wrote songs that aren't so lovey-dovey and might just be what you need on a not-so-happy Valentine's Day.

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Here is my list of Anti-Valentine's Day songs, or just middle finger to love in general, songs.

Motorhead- "Bye Bye B-tch Bye Bye"

Lemmy, may he rock in peace, was probably one of the most rock and roll rock and rollers of all time.  He played the bass guitar loud, called a spade a spade, and wasn't one to mince words.  Make sure to crank this one to eleven for the full Motorhead experience when you're down about love.

Pantera- "This Love"

This one is open to interpretation like many songs are, and while the official video depicts prostitution, I feel like there is more to it than that.  No matter what it's really about, it for sure is angry enough to fit the list for a potentially not so happy Valentine's Day.

The Offspring- "Why Don't You Get a Job?"

If you've lived at all, you have been in a relationship with at least one individual like the ones they sing about in this song.  You know, the moocher, the deadbeat, the non-productive member of society.  You probably kept them around because they were fun in the bedroom, or it was easier to stay with them than pay to get them moved out.  This is for those of you still in one of those relationships.

Lit- "Miserable"

Here's another one for the person stuck in a "Miserable" relationship.  At least you can watch Pamela Anderson while you wallow in misery listening to the song.

Godsmack- "I F#cking Hate You"

It may or may not be about a significant other, and while "hate" is a strong word, sometimes it's how we feel towards someone who used to be in our life.  If the title of the song doesn't get the point across, lines like "you're such a liar", "you pull me down", and "you make me insane", should.

Gwar- "I Hate Love Songs"

There is arguably more hate in this song than the Godsmack one above it.  Gwar doesn't sugarcoat things.  Find a live with video version of this song for the full Gwar experience when love has you down.

Misfits- "Die, Die My Darling"

While I appreciate the Metallica cover of this song, credit needs to go where it belongs so raise a glass to some old skool punk rock with this one.  Another tune that might just be your theme song for an ex-significant other.

These are the ones that top my personal list, and no, "Love Stinks" won't ever be on it.  What songs are on your list for anti-love or anti-Valentine's Day songs?

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