When it comes to something that can impact more than just one person, often a whole families and communities, while tough to talk about, suicide needs to be discussed.

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Mental wellness is something that many struggle with and oftentimes struggle with getting help.  Thankfully there are many organizations working hard to raise awareness, and provide education towards the prevention of suicide.

While not a fundraiser, The Carlton County Suicide Prevention Task Force is helping to organize a 15th annual Suicide Awareness Memorial Walk hosted by the Carlton High School.

Taking place on Saturday, October 14th the walk registration can be completed at 9:30AM with a 10:00AM start time.  Pre-registration is not required, so you can just show up and get signed up.

It starts at Carlton High School located at 405 School Avenue in Carlton, MN.  There will be some refreshments provided and also a short educational remembrance presentation.

In addition to the walk, there will be information provided on suicide awareness, education, and various resources available.  Attendees of the event are welcome to wear something with a name or picture of anyone they are remembering on the walk.

Again, it can be a tough discussion to have, but raising awareness and providing education and resources to the public is a great way to help reduce the lives lost to suicide.

If you are in a suicide crisis please call or text 988 24/7 to talk or text with someone who can help.  You aren't alone if you are struggling.

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