CHUM in Duluth, MN is a non-profit human services agency.  It was founded in 1973 by several churches to help out the community.  They did this by pooling resources to help out low-income residents.  Now CHUM is a pillar of support for many, and they offer shelter, emergency food, support, advocacy, and outreach throughout Duluth.

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One of the big things that CHUM does is help to support people who are homeless.  They offer a food shelf, shelter, and supportive services for homeless individuals and families.  Those services include helping to get people back on their feet, as navigating options available to many can be difficult.  CHUM also works hard each year to make sure there is a warming shelter for the coldest nights in Duluth.  They do that as a group effort with St. Louis County, the City of Duluth, Duluth HRA, and Loaves & Fishes.

Every year, CHUM holds a Christmas Eve Vigil.  It's an opportunity to remember those who have died in the past year, many of which spent a lot of their lives homeless.  It also is for those who passed and advocated for the homeless.

The Christmas Eve Vigil will be on Thursday, December 24th from 12:00-12:45PM and it's free to attend the event being help remotely on Zoom.  The link for it will be HERE.  If you have any questions or need more information you can contact Rev. Ben Margeson at 218-760-6521.

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