Apart from some field trip in 8th or 9th grade, where we were at some campground and they had a very small climbing wall, I have never really done the climbing thing.  I will say thought that it does interest me to a point, I'm just physically where I feel I need to be to jump into it right now.  Maybe down the road that can be a thing.

For those wanting to try it for free thought, there is an option for that in the Duluth/Superior area.  Each month Vertical Endeavors in Duluth has free climbing for first time visitors.  The days they run these start at 6PM-Close and it includes a free day pass and free harness rental.

The Duluth location does this on the first Wednesday of every month so if you are curious about climbing or have climbed but not at Vertical Endeavors, you have the opportunity to do it for free.  Get more information on this free event here.

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