CareerForce and Head of the Lakes United Way are hosting a Construction Career Night at The DECC in Duluth.

It will give you the opportunity to experience a variety of construction careers through hands-on opportunities with local union apprenticeship programs.  At this free event you'll be able to meet with representatives of those local unions and see if a career in the building and construction trades is the right path for you.

Joining the trades doesn't always mean skipping college, a lot of programs put you through courses as part of their apprenticeship.  It's definitely worth exploring the options especially if you are just out of or soon to be out of high school and don't want to end up with a bunch of college loan debt.

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The event is being held on Tuesday, February 25th, from 5:00PM-6:30PM in the DECC's Paulucci Hall located at 350 Harbor Drive.  It's free with no registration required.


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