Bicycling is great exercise and also helps to reduce carbon emissions, so it's a good thing all around.  While I don't ride a bike as much as I should, it's impressive how many people do and actually use it as a way to commute, even in the winter months.

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Bikes cost money and have required maintenance of course, and while they generally aren't too expensive to get worked on, free is always better, right?  The good people at Continental Ski & Bike in Duluth are having an event to show their support for the biking community in the Twin Ports.  Their Commuter Meetup, designed for morning commuters, will feature a warming tent, free bike tune-ups, and even some treats to take home.

In addition, some free all-sport helmets for kids will be fitted and distributed by Safe Kids Northeast Minnesota.  I don't want to be all preachy, but helmets are a good idea, especially for kids who still have plenty of growing to do, and a helmet can help ensure a lifetime of biking fun.

The Morning Commuter Meetup is on Friday, January 29th, from 7:00AM-Noon.  Continental Ski & Bike is located at 1305 East First Street in Duluth, MN.  If you have questions about this event, you can call them at 218-728-4466.  You can also get more information about this free to attend event HERE.

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