It must be a skunk time of year, I have seen many that have become roadkill and our neighborhood one is back again lurking from house to house under everyone's porches.  Our neighbor was even lucky enough to have their dog sprayed.  While our dog wasn't sprayed, 3 new holes have been dug under our front porch and even some bricks in the sidewalk had been undermined.

After being asked kindly to take care of it a few times, I finally went and purchased mothballs as the internet suggested.  I probably went a little overboard because within a couple of warm days, the basement and front entry began to stink like mothballs.  I guess if I were to chose skunk or mothballs, I'd pick the latter of the two.  The good news is, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Skunk found a different few porches to hide under.  So I would have to say that it worked.  I did however after being asked kindly a few times, remove 99% of the mothballs I had placed.  Luckily they were in packs so it was easy at least to reach under the porch and retrieve them.  If it comes back, I'll just have to make sure I place a lesser amount next time.  One pack versus 4 I'm guessing would be enough.  How have you made skunks go away?

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